Why was Craig Hodges kicked out of the NBA?✅

Hi there, As you know Craig Hodges is a retired professional basketball player from America. But, do you know he is not playing in the team right now. It’s because of some reasons. So, In this article, we gonna cover Why was Craig Hodges kicked out of the NBA? The complete reason, his carrier, networth, and more. So, Without further delay, let’s get begin:-

Who is Craig Hodges?

Craig Hodges was an American professional basketball player who played in the NBA.

He played for the Chicago Bulls from 1987 to 1992 and the Philadelphia 76ers. He was a three-point specialist and one of the best long-distance shooters in the history of the game. He won an NBA championship with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen on the Chicago Bulls in 1990.

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Why did Craig Hodges leave the NBA? | Why was Craig Hodges blackballed from the NBA?

Craig Hodges was a talented NBA player who was blackballed from the league because of his political views. In 2017, Craig Hodges left the NBA due to his political views on Black Lives Matter and other social justice issues. He had strong beliefs about social justice, and he took a stand by refusing to play games.

The NBA is not a place where players can voice their opinions on social justice. In fact, they are expected to stay silent on any controversial issues because it could potentially affect the team’s success. In an Interview, He said that he was dropped from the bulls after the incident and did not receive any calls from any team afterward, despite winning 3 NBA championships.

He Gave a Letter about Black Struggle to George HW Bush During Bulls, His story is very sad guys, So let’s see what Craig Hodges’s letter says.

What did Craig Hodges’s letter say?

His letter was just one example of how he used his platform to speak up for marginalized groups of people who were not getting enough representation in society.

In his letter, Craig Hodges expressed his disappointment with how African-Americans are underrepresented in basketball. He also pointed out that there is not enough representation for other minority groups like Asians and Latinos. In addition, he criticized the fact that there are no female players in the professional basketball league.

What happened to Craig Hodges’s NBA career?

Craig Hodges was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1987 as the 8th pick of that year’s draft. He then went on to play for three seasons with them before being traded to Milwaukee Bucks in 1991. Craig Hodges had an amazing NBA career until he was cut from his team in 1993.

Craig Hodges’s net worth

He is one of the most famous players in the history of the NBA Sports, and also has a net worth of $1.6 million dollars.


He’s one of those black entertainers that takes his black fan base for granted and goes above and beyond to please his non-black fans. His quote is “You can’t be white, but you can be a billionaire”– Craig Hodges.

The final words of Craig Hodges are powerful, He talks about how the league needs more black players, coaches, owners, and executives to change the culture of the league. And that’s why He used to rule in the hearts of the people.

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