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Hello Friends, As you know IPL is a very popular league in India and its fan following is increasing day by day. So, With the help of this article, you will know which ipl team has most fans.

We are so crazy about IPL (Indian Premier League). It is the most popular cricket league in the country, with over 8 million fans per season. And in India, people love to watch cricket. Not only in India, but it’s very popular in other countries also.

There are currently 10 teams in the Indian Premier League (IPL). And each team has its own set of loyal fans. Some teams have more fans than others. The most popular IPL team among these is the Mumbai Indians, who have an average of 3 million fans per season. But, we will know year-wise, So, Let’s check out:-

Which IPL Team Has the Most Fans In 2020?

There is no clear answer as to which IPL team has the most fans in 2020. Chennai Super Kings have been one of the most followed IPL teams in India. But If we see the stats of IPL 2020, So this team will be RCB ( Royal Challengers Bengaluru ). Check this image below, so your doubt can solve guys..

Which IPL Team Has Most Fans In 2020?which ipl team has most fans
#IPL 2020 ( Most Subscribed Teams On Youtube )

Royal Challengers Bengaluru is the most subscribed team on youtube in IPL 2020. Each team has a large and passionate following, with fans from all over the country and even the world. The Mumbai Indians are one of the most successful teams in the IPL, and they have a huge fan base.

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The Mumbai Indians are another popular IPL team captained by Rohit Sharma, they are followed by people from all over India and have a huge fan following. The team has an unbeatable record in India, they have won more matches than any other IPL team.

The Chennai Super Kings are also very popular, as are the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Rajasthan Royals. It’s hard to say which team is the most popular this year, as each one has its own devoted fans.

Which IPL Team has the most fans in 2021

The IPL team with the most fans in 2021 will be the team that wins the tournament in 2021. The team with the most fans in 2021 will be Chennai Super Kings. But do you know, why csk has the most fans in the 2021 season!

It’s Bcz, CSK won the IPL in 2021. And as you know MS Dhoni who is the captain of Chennai super kings has millions of followers on social media. And he is a popular celebrity in India also. Who doesn’t know MS Dhoni? MI and CSK are the two teams, that have won many IPL titles in the seasons. And I want to share a fact, CSK is the first team, who has the most fans in the world? So, that’s why CSK has the most fans in IPL 2021.

What about the IPL 2022?

Chennai Super Kings had the most Instagram followers in the Indian Premier League as of March 2022, with approximately 9.6 million followers. This time also CSK is booming! but wait, do you know which team is performing best in IPL 2022?

So, its answer will be Lucknow Super Giants. Bcz in this team, most scoring players are playing like KL Rahul, Quinton de cock, etc. And from my point of view, Lucknow Super Giants is the strongest team in IPL.

IPL Teams Fan Following on Instagram and Twitter!

So, Friends, If we talk about how many fans IPL teams have on social media, So every IPL team has millions of fan bases on social media Instagram and Twitter. The latest information about IPL 2018 was that VIVO IPL is back with a bang and the matches will be played from 7th April to 27th May 2018.

Here we have listed the IPL Teams Fan Following on Instagram and Twitter to help you keep track of you this time 2 new teams have come in IPL 2022, Gujrat titans and Lucknow supergiants. Let’s see a table of followers for each team…

Chennai Super Kings 9.7 M 8.2 M
Mumbai Indians9.2 M 7.3 M
Royal Challengers Bengaluru664 K 5.6 M
Kolkata Knight Riders3 M4.8 M
Delhi Capitals3 M 2.2 M
SunRisers Hyderabad2.6 M 2.9 M
Rajasthan Royals22.5 K 2 M
Punjab Kings 2.5 M 2.7 M
Lucknow Super Giants643 K470K
Gujrat Titans 332 K 10 K
#IPLteams Followers ( Current Data )

According To Twitter:– Mumbai Indians have a large Fan base in India, Bcz Mumbai Indians win the IPL many times, and its player like all-rounder Hardik Pandya is great player my favorite.

And If we go with different IPL Teams’ social media statistics, We won’t have a clear winner for which franchise has a larger fan base.


The IPL (Indian Premier League) is a professional cricket league that is held in India. The league is made up of 10 teams, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore are the team with the most fans in 2020. The tournament has been a major success in the world of cricket and has won the hearts of many fans.

So guys, If you like this information on which ipl team has most fans, share this on social media so we can provide more interesting information to our dear family:) Do you have a favorite team in the IPL 2022? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks…

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