Hi there, Is "Wordle" #461 giving you trouble? Don't worry..

By:- Vikki Singh

Date:- 23 September, 2022

I know you want to know about Hints For Wordle Today September 23. Right! Then read this full story..

Do you know Wordle was created by Josh Wardle?

Before Continue, We will see some words meaning in Wordle!

What is parer in Wordle? The word is... PARER. A knife or other tool used to pare anything is called a parer.

Inter - The word "inter" has five letters and is a recognized Wordle word.

Trice meaning- a very short amount of time

Ruder definition - Words such as riper, rover, ruder, raker, etc can be used as hints in the wordle.

The meaning of gully word in wordle is a fielding position in cricket.

Hint for today's Wordle answer- It's a noun, and also a pretty good war movie.

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