Do you know LeBron James is one the greatest player to play basketball.

 James has won 3 NBA championships and 4 NBA MVP awards 

Lebron James started his January from the bottom, he was born in Akron, Ohio.

His mother didn't have enough money to pay rent. 

So she would send LeBron to live with a local football coach, who would introduce them to basketball at the young age of 9

As a freshman in high school, he would show everyone that he has a future NBA all-star with 21 points and 6 REB

And Instead of playing his senior year in high school, he wanted to jump straight to the NBA

But he was labeled as ineligible being forced to play 

Having super high expectations of him being labeled as the chosen one and is now in his 19th year in the NBA after winning 4 championships.

He has labeled himself as the greatest of all time. 

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