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Sports enthusiasts are always looking for creative and tactful games. NBA Wordle game is one of the entertaining instruments. Poeltl is a Wordle as well as an NBA-inspired game that gives the blueprint of the players and inspires the players. Interestingly, the title of the game was selected to honor San Antonio Spurs star Jakob Poeltl.

Developed by Josh Wardle, the expert software engineer, Josh Wardle, Wordle is a web-based word entertaining game. Since 2022, the game is published and owned by The New York Times Company. Wordle is a game where a player can get six attempts.

A player has to guess a five-letter long word with hints and guesses. Interestingly, Wordle has a single daily solution and all players have to guess the word. The mechanics of the Wordle game are similar to game Jotto and game Lingo.

About Wordle:

Wordle gives its players six chances to guess a random five-letter word. Furthermore, if you put the right letter in the right spot, it will show green. But if you put a correct letter in the wrong place, it will show yellow whereas, the absolute wrong letter will show up Gray.

A player needs to add six different words until right. Similarly, you can enter five random words from which we can get hints and learn about the actual word. Similarly, a player can get one chance to make use of those hints. Many players can guess the words in one or two chances.

Wordle is indeed simple but incredible gaming stuff.

So it’s just a word game?

Yeah, NBA Wordle Game is just a normal word guessing game. But interestingly, this is a super cool game. According to reports of The New York Times, more than 3,00,000 people play it every day.

Features of NBA Wordle:

Let’s have a look at Wordle game features:

  1. There’s only one puzzle per day: You only get one shot at the Wordle and it creates only level of stakes for players. If you mess up during this one shot, wait for 24 hours for getting a brand new puzzle.

2. Many players are playing same game: The good news is you can ping your friends and can chat about the puzzle. This is one of the most important features to focus on as everyone is playing the same. Fortunately, buddies can discuss the puzzle every day.

3. Share your results: You can share the results of the puzzle with your friends on Twitter. You can check the Wordle journey for the day in the below image:

Twitter ss
NBA Wordle Game Results

So, while going through these features, we come to know that NBA Wordle Game is a conversation starter. Additionally, you can get a chance to show the results off on social media platforms. Hence, the NBA Wordle Game is going viral day by day!

Some Tips and Tricks you should know:

Before starting to play any game, one should be aware of the basic trick and tips. Hence, we’re going to share few of the same related to the NBA Wordle Game:

1. Choose your first word: Undoubtedly, the first word is the most important one. You have to choose a word that has three vowels and five different letters. Ex: Orate, Radio, and Media are some of the words.

2. Letters can appear twice: This makes the game difficult. When you’re unable to judge the right word and running out of letters, it can be challenging to solve four or five letters words. Nevertheless, the words keep on recurring twice or more.

3. Avoid using grays: There is a keyboard at the bottom of the NBA Wordle Game. This keyboard shows green, gray, and yellow letters. Now, you have to avoid reusing letters that show gray. For obvious reasons, you should not use letters that you have already tried before.

At the beginning:

  1. Use a popular starting word, e.g. TRAIN, ADIOS, etc.
  2. Try some more common letters like R, T, N, and S.
  3. Try all the vowels (or most of them).


  1. Pay attention to the clues! What word could the answer be? Try it!
  2. Look at what letters you haven’t used. Try them!

Practice, practice, practice.
And enjoy!

What are the rules of Poeltl NBA Wordle Game?

Poeltl NBA Wordle Game has the following sections to identify the players:

  • i. Team
  • ii. Position
  • iii. Conference
  • iv. Division
  • v. Age
  • vi. Number
  • vii. Height

The blank square represents the guess word/letter is wrong. Whereas, the green square indicates that your guess is absolutely correct. A yellow square in Poeltl NBA Wordle Game has different kind of meanings.

If the “Team” Column shows yellow, it means the player you’re looking for has already played for the selected team but has joined another team. Additionally, Yellow colored square also appears in the position and many other columns which denotes different meanings.

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Aim of Poeltl Wordle NBA Game:

The aim of Poeltl – Wordle NBA Game is extremely simple.

A player gets 8 chances to make guesses and perfectly identify the latest or current NBA player with the help of hints.

The good news is to get help while your puzzle is ongoing, a silhouette of the player is available. Hence, you can use this hint or help to identify the correct player name.

How to win NBA wordle every time?

Who doesn’t like Winning Games, who doesn’t want to win the NBA Wordle game? If you want to win NBA Wordle every time, so you should watch this video I have given below.

Credit:- Bentellect (Win NBA Wordle Game)

Final Words:

Poeltl – Wordle NBA game is one of the very famous games youngsters are preferring. Everyone is having fun and they’re like the same. Likewise, they are sharing positive reviews on websites, forums, and social media.

Thanks for reading this article. Stay tuned with us to get the latest unique and interesting content here, 🙂

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