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The new season of Game NBA installment

Hi, In this article, you will know about “How to get NBA level up in 2k23“. The new NBA is here again with the same previous installment and the 2023 hosts’ seasons work well every year as the traditional battle passes

The good news is that during this season you can level up and unlock many rewards which are based on your level tier. Also, remember that each and every season you can gain up to 40 levels.

You can unlock the link of the diamond Scottie Pippen card if you will hit level 40 this upcoming first season but remember this diamond Scottie Pippen before finishing the season.

There are some instructions that are already available to guide you and take you to the right goals of fast levels in NBA 2023.

What is the reason for quickly raising the level in NBA 2023?

If you want to raise your level faster in NBA 2023, then you have to take some required experience points which are very important to increase the levels in the game.

The easiest basic way to acquire XP is by simply playing all the matches and earning as many points as you can. The good part is that it provides a few additional ways in which you can easily earn more bonus XP on the side.

How to increase NBA brand level 2k23?

If you want to increase your brand level 2k23 then there is only one try to complete every challenge to gain more bonus XP. After completing every challenge you will get a new set of challenges but if you do not complete previous challenges then you will not get a new set of challenges.

These daily challenges are complete when you play matches daily. There are a few challenges which need specific feats of power.

Always complete weekend challenges. In addition to daily challenges, you will also get weekend ones which open other ways to obtain a few extra level-ups.

During weekend challenges you can earn more XP than the daily counterparts. The ram-up is a little more difficult ceiling

Just noted down that you can earn up to 6,000 XP over the weekend by completing weekend challenges. This will add to the daily challenges which you can complete on weekends.

how to increase solo player level 2k23

Don’t forget to complete seasonal challenges

The most important thing in this game is that you can achieve 40 goal levels during a season to unlock the highest rewards.

When you enter the game you will see many seasonal tips of challenges, agendas and tasks to complete. These are not compulsory in any way but if you complete them then it will help you to reach 40 levels in a short while.

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Check your event schedule

If you play every day then this game will become a habit and you need to keep a track of the upcoming events in your section while playing ‘My Career. The best part of this is that you will get some extra time to grab the special events and this will give you double XP for the day by meeting certain requirements.

If the NBA 2023 will come out on the same day then it is good for you because there was a happy 2k day event. You can gain double XP by wearing a special 2k Day apparel in the city.

Switch on double XP tokens

In this game you can get the options to choose your double XP tokens to boost the amount of XP earned in the game. If you want to buy more tokens then there is a store for you. You can unlock the rewards for making the levels in a season or through lockers.

It’s important information that the double XP token is stacked with double XP events. If some special event comes in front of you that means it is an event happening, so you can take advantage to pop a token to earn a handful of XPs.


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