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Highest Paid NBA Coaches! As we know, NBA is considered as one of the America’s most famous sports events. Likewise, it nation’s highest-paid sport event. Therefore, professional soccer players are highly paid. Besides, the game coaches are also highly compensated.

NBA coaches have a very tough job and they’re responsible for every victory that the team wins. Hence, they are highly paid. As per studies, it is considered as one of the most lucrative career options. We know that there’s a lot pf competition and it is become difficult to become a coach. Nevertheless, some of them still do an incredible job to gain victory along with fetching a higher salary.

According to ESPN and other sports sources, NBA players earn as high as $50 million. Likewise, NBA Coaches’ Salaries are also high. That is why we’ll go through the average salaries of expert NBA coaches.

highest paid NBA coaches of 2022, NBA Coaches' Salaries

6 Highest Paid NBA Coaches of 2022:

1. Gregg Popovich:

The San Antonio Spurs expert coach is the highest-paid NBA coach of all time. He is on a very high ranking job profile. He has helped the team to achieve triumph in every matches. He started as the team coach in 1996. interestingly, he is still the coach. You can imagine the salary amount he is drawing currently. His experience in the game is unparalleled and this explains the salary of the highest NBA coach.

The Spurs team have won 5 NBA championship games. The Spurs won the title of championship in the 2014, 2015 and 2019. Interestingly, the Spurs team again successfully grabbed the title of winners under his training. He joined as a General Manager and his previous salary was $8 million per annum in 2014. Then he drew $11 million and so on.

2. Doc Rivers:

Doc Rivers currently draws a whopping compensation of $10 million. Heading the team Philadelphia 76ers, the 60 year old NBA coach has played 13 seasons of the NBA series. Furthermore, he became the head coach in 1999 and simultaneously, fetched the title of Coach of the Year in 2000 for Orlando Magic. He has overall 23 years of experience and has made into the list of the highest earning NBA coaches of all time.

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3. Steve Nash:

Canadian basketball player and former NBA player Steve Nash is probably the second highest NBA coaches of all time. Nash is the current head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Since 1996, he played 18 NBA seasons. Nash started his NBA journey in 1996 with Phoenix Suns team Dallas Mavericks as veteran point guard. During initial days, the team failed to perform well. Fortunately, with the support of Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Finley, the made it to the Western Conference final match. Interestingly, he got voted for the All-Start Gamer for approximately eighth time. Overall, his NBA career was at peak and fluctuating but he has made in the highest paid NBA player 2022 list.

Recently, Nash signed a 4 year long contract with the Brooklyn Nets for $8.7 million per annum. Likewise, he has Jacque Vaughn as an Assistant Team Coach.

4. Steve Kerr:

Another name in the highest paid NBA coaches of 2022 is Steve Kerr. He is the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, NBA series. Interestingly, he has golden record in NBA history. Steve was the only player to win four straight NBA championship games after 1969. As head coach, he has contributed tremendously well. In the first season, Kerr had set a new winning record of approximately 19 wins and 2 losses in the NBA game event. Steve earns approximately $8.7 million per annum compensation.

5. Jason Kidd:

The Dallas Maverick star Jason Kidd is one of the highest paid NBA coaches in 2022. He started his career journey in 1994 as a player. He had incredible game strategies and applied the same which resulted in consistent win for the Maverick boys. Furthermore, the team’s overall performance improved to 46 from 36. He also spent few years in the Phoenix Suns and New Jersey. Interestingly, he cam back to Dallas Maverick in 2008.

In 2021, he was hired as as Maverick’s coach and he drew a compensation of $7 million and today he is earning $8.5 million as compensation. He is also included as one of the highest paid NBA coaches of all time.

6. Nick Nurse:

The Toronto Raptors NBA team coach Nick Nurse has been one of the top head coaches since 2018. The interesting fact to focus here is he was only a professional basketball layer for 1 year (1990 – 1991). He was initially an assistant coach and later, became the head coach of the Toronto Raptors in 2018. Also, he lead the team in NBA Finals that was held in 2019. In August 2020, he was voted as the NBA Coach of the Year. Recently, he has signed a multi-year contract worth $8 million per annum. That’s a whopping figure.

Final Thoughts:

These were the 6 Highest Paid NBA coaches of all time. The compensation amount is indeed pretty high but they are justified for their strategies and execution. These coaches have several years of experience along with expertise, mathematical mindset and lots more require to make a perfect match-winning strategy. If you are a professional coach or willing to become one, you definitely know what to expect and what to accept as a premium coach.

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